Batalion String Instruments is the creation of luthier Mayim Alpert.

He trained in Redwing, Minnesota, under Lisbeth Nelson Butler and David Vincent, and has worked in Minnesota (USA), Prague (CZ), and Helsinki (FI).

Born and raised in the Ozark mountains of Arkansas, USA, he has lived in Europe since 2003, and lives in Helsinki.

He is also a multi-instrumentalist and composer with years of experience in music for visual theatre with KREPSKO international theatre group.

He builds custom string instruments of all kinds, and also repairs any musical thing with strings. With extensive experience in violin restoration, he draws strongly on the ancient luthier traditions, while keeping an open mind for creative side paths.

He rehairs bows and restores antiques violins. He also builds greek gypsy guitars and octave mandolins, and has created various experimental instruments including the tailor’s fiddle (räätäliira in finnish), and a one-string can banjo he calls the “onesy”.